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Operating across the central US, EDS tackles everything from small, developmental utility blasting to drilling in some of the largest quarries in the country. 

Continuing to build on the foundation started in 1962, we pride ourselves on having a family-oriented business no matter how large we grow.


And growing is just what we are doing. Don't hesitate to contact us no matter where your project is as we are constantly expanding our presence as a staple of the drilling & blasting industry.


Our values are simple and we plan on keeping it that way. 



In an industry involved with explosives and heavy machinery, safety is at the core of our job. At the end of the day, our biggest goal is keeping everyone safe whether it be getting our employees home or keeping neighbors and their houses protected.

Customer Satisfaction

With decades of experience across a variety of situations, we strive to come up with the best solution for our customer's project. 

Growth & Development

We are committed to building careers for employees at EDS. Through training, support, and a great work environment, we strive to be the only place our employees want to be. Additionally, we are constantly improving our processes and operations as we grow our company.


Ed's Engineering & Drilling Co. began in Washington, MO in 1962, later to become as Ed's Drilling & Blasting Co. Rock drilling and blasting was then underway with the use of hand-held jackhammers and ANFO.

Through the years, Ed's Drilling & Blasting continued to grow around the Washington, MO and greater St. Louis areas. The company was not the only thing to progress as the jackhammers eventually turned to air-track drills before becoming the cab drills we use today.

In 2021, the company took a huge step forward with the acquisition of Pexco Drilling & Blasting out of Lenexa, KS. Out of the acquisition, the current EDS brand was born incorporating both Ed's Drilling & Blasting Co. and newly-named Explosives & Drilling Services LLC.

With a rich history behind it, EDS is dedicated to continue being a premier drilling & blasting contractor.

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